Reply To: conduit options



I first bought some conduit from Lowe’s and thought that the finish was normally a bit rough for this material so I did not think anything about it. I assembled the rollers and put it on the pipes, and it was a rough ride. I then sand the pipe with a finer grit sand paper to smooth it out a bit, but still was not completely happy with the results.

Today I happened to stop buy Home Depot and pick up another 5′ section of EMT conduit, and wow what a difference in the surface finish. I figured I would share this for others to make sure and shop around for the better finish. See picture below to see the difference. The left one was the one I sanded to make a little smoother, and the right is the one I just picked up that has a nice finish. Huge difference in the way it rolls on the EMT, and the sound of it. This has to make a difference. I am taking the other poorly finished EMT back and going to get mine at Home Depot.

Not Saying that this is true for all stores in your location, but just happened to be that way where I shopped. Just look around at each store to see which has a better finish.