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Also there is the v9 of Estlcam with 64 bit. Actually i’m testing laser engraving with estlcam, i’ll ask to the developper if he could add a parameter for M106 SXXX directly in the tool section because sometimes I need various powers for each toolpath (changing in general parameters or gcode is not a good solution actually).

His software is not optimized for that but for milling, but why not now eheh 🙂

With laser there is a little decay on the starts because actually the laser have no time to get is power before XY moves (i think it is a latency between the ramps and the jtech driver board, not sure). I’m trying to play with a slow Z speed and the just distance to let time to the laser to power on at time. It is a trick, not a solution. So a decay parameter before moving XY could be a good solution.

And to answer to you, of course this machine get better thanks to you, soft developpers and the amazing community on the forum !! About that, I have an idea to share to evolve the machine for engraving, drawing or cutting big projects, i’ll create a post for that, you could tell me if you like that 🙂