Reply To: Noob with a few questions



Sorry I don’t release the files in any other format except the tool mount. I strongly urge you to try it as is before making any changes. That is the reason I don’t release other file types. Most people find no tweaks are needed and the ones that do usually are good enough with CAD to replicate my parts with ease.

The tolerance question is not easy to answer for a few reasons. You still haven’t specified a material. Like I said with wood, acrylic, HPDE, ect The tolerances are as high as any decent CNC mill. After that Machine size has a huge effect. I can not give you a number or I will get flooded with emails saying how there machine does better than that or doesn’t and I will quoted with those numbers everywhere. My machine setup well gives me very good numbers but I am also getting really good with feeds and speeds which are much more important in smaller “desktop” cnc’s. If you try and cut to fast or not fast enough your tolerances will suffer.

If you ask something more specific I am comfortable telling you if it is within the machines capabilities if it is set up properly.