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Benjamin Shaw

Hi Nerdy,

I also understand the reasoning behind not releasing native files, being familiar with dealing with support emails myself. I guess He’s looking for even a little more control over the many variables that can occur during setup. As far as Solidworks goes, I think that for the feature recognition to work, the files would need to be STEP or IGES. If they were STEP or IGES I wouldn’t even need to recognize features, since I really just want to build the assembly in CAD, not necessarily edit anything. Although it would be nice to be able to lay out different sizes of conduit to see what things would look like, even putting models of parts I want to cut into the assembly to see if things are fitting and such. Also would be really nice to be able to visualize and design any new accessories right within context of the assembly. Also design my table and see how it will look sitting under the specific configuration I choose to build.

Once again, I completely understand, however I feel it does put a bit of a damper on things, and if I want to do this right, I’m either going to have to settle for a half baked Solidworks assembly made up of STL files that are probably not mated up correctly, or spend a lot of time modeling these parts, something we all have less and less of these days.

Still, so very appreciative of everything, and looking forward to finally being able to cut my own parts, plus everything else you can attach to this crazy machine.

Thanks again,