Reply To: Question on stepper torque



I got the new stepper. Had to work out the wiring since it was different than the other steppers I’ve worked with before. Turned out the supplier had a batch that were wired incorrectly. Not a huge deal but took some time to troubleshoot and correct.

I found that the screws on the Z Axis motor were a bit loose. I was pretty sure that I had them tight when I put things together but I may have missed that final tighten. I added lock washers and will keep an eye on it.

I’m using a higher current driver for the Z Axis so I can push the new stepper closer to it’s max. Right now the stepper is not even getting warm after a quick series of the torture tests. Or with the wood test I ran below.

I ran the Z Axis test about 10 times in a row and each time it returned to the exact same Z position. So between tightening up the Z Axis stepper screws and the beefier stepper that is a huge improvement.

So I got brave and decided to try milling a piece of 3/4″ board I had laying around. Got about 1/2 down all going well and then got a glitch that tripped an alarm. It could be from the router but I didn’t have any such issues in all my earlier testing, but I was running the router at minimum speed for the foam tests, and I stepped it up to max for the wood test. Right up until it stopped the cut looks very good. But I think that it might be loosing steps when milling the harder wood.

The tip of the tool was at about -10mm into the stock when the alarm hit. I issued a G0 Z5 which should have taken it to 5mm about the surface, but it appeared that it was about 5 or maybe even 10mm below the surface, but I don’t recall right now. It was below the surface in any case.

I had gotten ambitious and boosted the Z max and acceleration values and had run the torture test with those values we the excellent results as noted above. But they may be too ambitious for actually cutting something harder.

So tomorrow I’ll back the Z axis settings back down and try another pass to see I can get all the way though the wood milling and not loose any steps.

I still have some room to increase the current on the stepper driver so I may need to do that as well.

I believe that the coupler is as tight as I can get it without breaking anything, but I guess I should check that as well to make sure that I’m not getting any slippage with the coupler.

Any other suggestions would be welcomed.