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No luck getting a reliable STEP file out of it. Solidworks comes up with an error “No Solid Bodies Found” or something like that. IGES might be a different story, but it looks like my computer might be slowing Solidworks down when it tries to process the file. I can’t tell if anything is happening.

Solidworks says processing in the lower right, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. My CPU is at 10-20%.

I’m guessing that whatever Autodesk did to make Inventor good at using STL files is either screwing with the files or is some proprietary thing to give them an edge over Solidworks.

I feel your pain trying to make an assembly with only STL files. I did a few of them in Inventor before the update and the result is always sloppy if you cant get an axis or something good to mate to. Are you having issues with mating screws/bolts? McMaster Carr usually has pretty good solidworks files if you are willing to find the hardware and download each file individually. Sometimes you can mate to an axis, but usually you just have to do a concentric to the threads or another round part of the screw.