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Benjamin Shaw

Printing parts as we speak. I know it’s not necessary, I’m just a bit of a freak about having every nut and bolt of any DIY project I do all drawn out in Solidworks. See here, here, and here for examples.

It’s going to be weeks before I can finish printing parts because I can only do a few at a time. In the mean time I could be playing with the assembly in CAD, designing a table, thinking about next steps, accessories, laying out parts I want to cut in virtual space, seeing what different length formats look like. Etc.

I’ve been looking around thingiverse and found two assemblies, one seems to be the international version, I downloaded the other and tried to load it up in OpenSCAD, only some conduit and a few parts populated. I was thinking they were STL as well. Ill take another look.

I also thought it would be pretty cool to have it uploaded to Sketchfab so that people could spin the assembly around right from within a browser, or even on the front page of your site. Would really help them visualize. Might even end up with less support to do, because people could spin the assembly around and see how everything goes together. Could even have the sub assemblies shown. I’d be willing to create and upload all this, as well as keep it updated with any new components.

In my opinion, having the virtual assembly opens up so many more possibilities.