Reply To: 5W+ Laser



For the SDX V3 Super XDrive where is the resistor that adjusts the current? I don’t see it in the DTR’s Laser Shop page. Where did the seller DTR specify a 1kHz PWM frequency? In a personal message? DTR’s page specifies 5KHz.

Would be nice if they supplied schematics for these things. It’s not nice dealing with a black box.


I did an inquiry on eBay and that was in his response. I know that the output is set via resistor because some of the driver pics show a trimmer but he said in an Amazon review or question that they don’t have them anymore and are set via resistor now. He also sells the same driver in output from 2amp up to 4.5amp in .5amp increments. Once I get mine in I’ll trace it out and build a schematic for it. These things aren’t super complicated so I don’t think it will be difficult.