Reply To: 5W+ Laser



Marlin firmware uses the analogWrite function to drive the fan output , which uses 8-bit PWM at 490Hz frequency. Firmware mods are possible that can increase the frequency and/or the resolution by reconfiguring one of the 16 bit timers and writing to the OCR register directly instead of through the analogWrite function. The increase in PWM frequency doesnโ€™t really make a difference with laser engraving from what Iโ€™ve seen but the increase in PWM resolution does help with high powered lasers.

I’m using a MKS SBASE board with SmoothieWare firmware for my MPCNC. I think it’s a better fit because it has support for CNC, laser, and 3d printing and DRV8825 stepper drivers. It also has PWM available on a bunch of different pins that support PWM frequencies well above 5Khz.