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Hey corey, i don’t have mine fully up and running yet but it’s at the “sharpie drawing” stage so i think i can probably add my answers to these to the pile

1. What did you have difficulty with when you were setting the machine up?
My main problem was actually calibrating my 3d printer to get the parts out right. Secondary problem was putting together the center hub but i’ve got the old version of that and i gather the unbelievable butt-ache that is the lock for the threaded rod for the z-axis is fixed now. what other problems… let’s see.. figuring out how to route the wiring was an interesting exercise and i had to scratch design a few things for that. still got more to do there too.

2. Did you enclose the Ramps board or leave it free air, or use the graphic controller or emergency stop in your assembly?
I printed a case for the ramps because i don’t like having electronics out in the air, i got the graphics controller but i haven’t installed it yet but that will be getting cased too, and i guess an emstop button will be necessary at that point.

3. What software are you using to design and to run the mill, and did you try other software? Estlcam seems adequate, but are there better options?
designwise i use rhino because i know how to use rhino, then i put it through estlcam because that’s what got recommended and i’m gonna go with the guy who designed the machine on that one.

4. If I wanted to do a 24 x 48 bed, what reinforcements would I need on the 48 inch side?
honestly not sure, but because nothing ever touches the bottom of the rails cause of how the rollers are designed you could basically support the rails along the entire length if you wanted to, so throw a few of these on it or similar. no idea how these perform, i don’t need em