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Functional machine here with the spindle and 3dp at 24″x24″.

1. No difficulty in setup. Learning how to make the software work took some doing to get pcb’s right.
2. Enclosed the power supply, ramps and graphic controller in order to keep cnc dust out.
Also set up a raspberry pi using repetitive server so I didn’t have to plug the laptop in.
Added main power switch as well as wiring up quick connects for the extruder so I can just unplug it.
Added switches to change from thermocouple to resistor for cnc use.

At this point I managed to brown out the regulators in the arduino and burned them both up. Ordered a replace,net from Amazon and hooked it up differently…. I pulled the d1 diode from the Ramps board so the arduino isn’t powered by 12v any longer. I replaced the main regulator on the arduino and now power it from a separate 5v supply and left the USB q1 transistor?regulator Off the Arduino so that it would NOT power from USB. Then added an arduino switch to the same box everything else is inside. This makes each part of the system able to be powered separately and changing from cnc to 3dp is just securing the print head and plugging in 2 quick connects.

Next is a power switch for the pi.
E stop doesn’t seem necessary given the main power switch I added.

3. I just use the software listed in the site with the addition of sprint layout for circuit design.

4. Not sure.