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Thanks for the compliments.

Troubleshooting- Now that I feel the design is stable…as of yesterday. I will start to compile a FAQ’s page. I think this will be best. Previously the only really repeated question was “I can’t get it square” I think this is fixed now as I haven’t heard it yet, I don’t think. Before that was wiring, So I invested in the pre-made harnesses. I am trying to get rid of issues that pop up.
But yes, this will happen. I have a lot of milling and estlcam questions so I have a guide coming out today or tomorrow followed by a video.
I would love help on this, maybe if some one asks a question in the forums I can just cut and paste the best answer into the faq and cite the author.

Kinda feel like yesterdays release finishes what I consider number 2, the “525”. Adding stainless rails to the 525 should give one hell of a machine. I have a new cold cut saw and a bunch of stainless here and all my parts printed. I can’t wait to put it together but I have been sick for the last few days…soon with pics!

If/when I start designing another one it will be made out of milled parts using all the same expensive stuff, motors, power, control board. Use the 525 to cut the next one, if you feel you need more. For me though the only advantage to a more rigid machine would be speed or build size possibilities. This 525 cuts all the materials you can cut with a lightweight machine at a decent speed, if I do say so myself. Steel milling is a whole different realm of machining, You actually have to know a great deal about CAM, your bits, the materiel, and a super rigid machine. Not a beginners material.

Hmmmm, I will try and figure out a way to use your labor!!!! I am doing my best to increase volume enough to get lower prices enough to cover the cost of kitting them but not to a volume where I have to hire a ton of people. I think we are in a sweet spot right now. People seem happy with the product and service. The community is growing and still extremely friendly. All in all this is going like a dream for me right now. slow and steady progression. I will be trying to showcase the machine being used now that the updates are pretty much done for a while. I think I am going to run a nice contest for some videos of the machine being used. To try and get people comfortable showing off there project. I have been very secretive of the things I actually use my cnc’s for but I am starting to make videos now. Ihope.

I appreciate your comments, it’s people like you that make this great. You like the machine and you are genuinely trying to improve the whole situation.