Reply To: My 5' x 5' build



I have DRV 8825 drivers. 1/32 stepping mode on all axis. Active cooling and heat sinks yes. Firmware is your firmware (no lcd version). Everything is set how you set it by default in the firmware. When I tell it to move 200mm it moves pretty much bang on. Pulleys are 16 teeth.

Motors are SL42STH40-1684A they are 1.8 amps… What should the drivers be set to?

Ugh looking at some wiring diagrams…

The attached photo is the correct way to wire these? In the second photo the image on the left is how I have them wired right now.

Now if I understand this all correctly… Since they drivers cannot output 3 amps the steppers should be wired in series since they are capable of enough voltage.