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Hooray!! Thank you Allted or Vicious 1 or which ever name you prefer to be referred to as. Excellent. Thank you, Thank you for the 25.4mm files. Thank you for your time and effort to bring this out.

I was going to spend the weekend to try and resolve the problems I was having, as even after the mods of drilling the 25mm versions bearing holes out to 8.5mm and everything SORT of working, I had a distortion from the Motor mounts that was causing a problem with getting the alignment from working, just a slight pull that MIGHT have been held in place once the motors are energized, but I know would have given issues somewhere. The center seems to not be causing any distortion that I can tell but I am going to reprint that as well to be sure.

Love the ‘improved’ design as the cable exit through the drive belt was a concern and I could not find any way to secure the cables neatly or use cable drag system as everyone else seems to have gone with a double rail system for this, and I have stayed with a single system to keep the Z Height low. Tried printing one cable drag design but the two links broke almost immediately. Will continue to look.

I printed the first Roller Plate and RollerM in PLA+ but I am concerned at the performance of the new glass bed as it seems that there is a slight lifting even after adding a copious quantity of PVA to the water mix. Have got the New Roller printing now, 6 and half hours which seems to be flat. Just got to hope it stays on the bed.

Hope I can give you some useful feedback over the weekend.