Reply To: upgrading to 525



just an update.

I have to solve my 3d printers slanting prints issue before I can print the new parts ( it’s an i3 variant scaled by 50% to give 300mmx300mm. the heated bed is pita) so I figured I’d looking into the deflection I’m seeing. I noticed an incredible amount of flex around the legs as well as fairly loose belts. tightened the belts and added gussets to the two front corners which basically eliminated leg based deflection. I’m also considering some sort of shim and bolt down method for the motors to avoid reprinting the rollers (unless they’re superior in some other crucial way?). Maybe I can fashion a bracket that attaches to the back of stepper (hmmm. do mine have threaded holes on the back???) and then screws to the roller. I considered getting hose clamps and just cutting/ drilling them to mount over the motor and onto the roller but that’s uglier, maybe less effective, and less printed of course.

I’m gonna attach a few images of the gussets and also one of the piece of acrylic I cut for my bartop arcade project. it is edge lit, its called the murphcade because it’s an arcade for my father “Murph”. if they dont work I’ll gdrive them