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Benjamin Shaw

Over the weekend I modeled the Roller_F part in Solidworks. Assembly load time went from 7 minutes down to 15 seconds. So that was causing most of the issues. Starting to play around with different size formats and accessories.

I realize now I should have just brought the STL files directly into Solidworks and sketched all the holes using a 3 point circle, then extruded surfaces for mating directly along real axis. The Fusion 360 surfaces are all off by like .000000345 in angle from XYZ directions, so I ended up having to use a lot of mates like point to surfaces. Will probably slowly model the rest of the assembly to get rid of these issues.

The Roller_F part I did is extremely close to the original. Had to mess with the order of fillet construction, as well as use a lot of 3 point circles to find hole sizes and such. Still don’t have money to order the kit, but having fun playing with the assembly and dreaming. Also learning Fusion 360 while I wait.