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Nice. Always a plus to get the loading time down. There are a few assemblies at work that I don’t like working with, especially since having an ssd doesnt help at all when everything is stored on a server.

As far as hole sizes and stuff goes it shouldn’t be a huge deal in the assembly if they are off as long as you don’t print parts from those files.

Playing around with Fusion will at least help you get use to how autodesk programs work, just in case that ever comes in handy. Though switching back and forth between solidworks and inventor isn’t that hard once you figure out the key differences in how they operate. I much prefer dimensioning as I go in Inventor rather than free handing the sketch and then dimensioning it. Though Solidworks 2015 is way better about not blowing up my sketches when I add the first dimension.

I absolutely love my MPCNC, but I can’t wait to upgrade (in like 20 years when I have the money) to something more solid that can do aluminum in a reasonable time. Something like the PCNC 440 comes to mind. That is a mill though, where this is a cnc router. Designed for two totally different types of projects.