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Awesome thank you. The updates have been rolled out slowly and I usually have been updating the machines I already have, so I didn’tt notice until last week that the assembly instructions were out of order and needed an update so I reordered them a bit, and updated the calculators. I have a full machine ready to build and update things step by step and I get in here everyday ready to start and things keep getting in the way. Soon.

Just a few quick responses to get you going,

1-I hoped the calculators would clear this up, I’ll take another look.
2-Nice until last week I just used a hack saw, Then I got a cold cut saw…freaking amazing.
3-Finish doesn’t usually matter, the zinc wears right off. With the release of the new size we have been opened up to the possibility of stainless steel tubes, perfect finish and a bit more rigid.
4-ASAP, I realy need to do this today but now it is kind of out of order, the motors go on last after the gantry as best as I can figure.
5-Same as above, New parts new assembly order. I just caught up on everything since the release yesterday. I should build a table today and get started.
6- no problem I will add it.
7-I used to pre-drill at an angle and use a regular screw driver. The last feet I replaced I pre-drilled and used stacked screwdriver extensions, pretty much the same thing. Pre-drilling is key to making this easy but I really have been trying to design new feet but these seem to work better than anything else I have made.
8-Yes, you should be using the smaller one. Two parts in case you are not using my hardware and get the larger couplers.
9-Same as above smaller one, the larger one fits 8mm rod. You should be threading it in without the screws in, and then tighten up the screws after. It really shouldn’t move but you can add super glue or locktight if you are worried. I thought that was in the directions, I will have a look.
10-I thought the pulleys were in the roller section. I’ll get this in the update for sure, belts and ziptie orientation.

Thanks for keeping track of the issues you ran into.

I’m not good with the web side of things, so they take longer to fix. If I could only build the site in solidworks I would be set. I got a late start this morning because I was trying to map out a better site flow and layout. This project went from a thingiverse upload to my full time job so things have sort of come together piece meal as people needed the info and it is now starting to show in this jumbled mess. My previous priority was fix the common hardware issues people other than me had, get it easier to build and square. Now that that is done/better than before my new priority is instructions with a new layout.