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So non of this is my hardware or electronics?

The bearings not touching with the new parts does not sound right at all. You did print the 23.5mm parts right, they all have a “C” on them somewhere?

23.32mm also sounds a bit low, are you sure they aren’t kind of ovals? If you rotate them is it wider?

Besides all that the last part is to actually square up your axis before you start a cut. This machine has very long axis usually when you drag the head around it will make it lopsided. Once you get the bit where you want to start measure both sides of each axis and make sure they are equal distances from the corner blocks to the roller assemblies.

So your movement issues are also a another issue all together. Please use repetier to try your motion control instead of the LCD and see if that fixes your movement issues. Manual moves form the LCD are trouble some. Much easier just to move it by hand. if you want to test movement use a gcode file I have test scripts and test files posted. Manual moves don’t really tell much.