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Two more questions, hopefully the last ones:

1. I have all the tension bolts finger-loose, but the middle assembly still feels tight on the conduit, and the rolling is “bumpy” rather than smooth, and makes the table vibrate when I push the assembly in either direction. Could I have done something wrong during assembly, or might it just be my conduit? The side rollers all feel this way too. I tried sanding all my X rails with 100-grit wet paper as someone suggested in another thread, but it didn’t seem to help. I didn’t have very much time so I didn’t get it shiny-smooth though so I’ll try sanding it more later. But I’d appreciate ideas if you have any.

2. My bundle came with eight 1.25″ washers and eight smaller dark-colored washers. Where do these go? I’m afraid I can’t tell, even in (in fact I’m not sure what’s mounted on your stepper there; it doesn’t seem to be anything in my bundle?). I also got a small jumper with a resistor, is that for people using other parts?

I think I see how everything else goes together, but I can’t puzzle out those pieces and I don’t want to leave them out if they’re needed. If I can figure them out and get the motion/smoothness thing corrected, my build will be ready to go! Thanks again!