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John: I will give that a try. I’m new to using Repetier, so not I didn’t look at the log window. I will watch it. It seemed to stutter much more using Repetier on my first attempt.

General Update: I threw on some new stepper motors (completely differnt). They still exhibited the stutter. So I installed Estlcam on a new Windows laptop and regenerated the cut path you see attached. It is set to cut 19.25mm.

Could someone do me a favor? Could you load up the attached Test1.gcode (it’s in the zip file and the only file in the attached zip file). Just raise your Z above cutting height and just run it without the rotary tool turned on. The tool will start where you see in the screenshot and actually starts cutting a few inches to the right of home there. Then as it moves left it will make that turn and start cutting that diagonal cut. Around the area in the green circle is where my stepper stutters or jumps back just a little and then continues on.

You can easily see this in the air without doing any actual cutting on the very first pass. Would someone mind running this for me to see if it stutters for you too on that diagonal anywhere, then I know this is a gcode issue. If not I am going to replace my arduino, ramps, lcd, and drivers with new extras I already have.

Thank you for all of the suggestions and help!