Reply To: Problem printing Roller


colin bull

I am also having problems printing the roller. Twice now after over 2 hrs and when the height is 50mm the part is knocked off the base plate . The first time I did not observe it so I thought it had just lost adhesion,I increased the brim width and tried again. at exactly the same point it happened again.
The problem was that the slight overhang at 50mm height was curling up and as the nozzle was passing at the same point there was a build up on the edge of the over hang which eventually
caught the nozzle and moved the part ,another 2.5hrs wasted. Help!

Another thought I had was that if I could get the stl file into sketchup as a skp file I could separate it at the 50 mm point ,discard the piece I had printed then print the missing piece and attach later. My question is : is this possible, if so how do you do it ?

You may have gathered that I am a novice at this and need HELP. everything appreciated.
thanks Col.