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Yeah I hear ya. I picked this after banging my head on a wall trying to get a kit to do anything. I slowly upgraded and wasted money till I saw this project. I instantly knew it was the right path and the $500 price tag beat the $1200 plus $2000 I had already wasted. Add on the fact that I had some usable parts like the electronics and steppers so the price was so right. I built a lrg and sturdy 2×4 table and the machine size of 3ftx4ft which gives me just about 2ftx3ft cut size. Day one it worked better than anything I had ever experienced.

I added an led spindle light and laser cross hairs as well as well as dust collector and my favorite, a 2w laser connected to the mist relay on controller and using a custom laser post processor for vetric that a machinist I met online made. I had given him some basic help on how I was manually converting code for our controllers and he rolled it up into an awesome add on. Now it’s a breeze to laser.