Reply To: Plasma cutter.


mark leino

I’m about to to start assembling my mpcnc plasma, and I think I have most everything worked out except a cam program to post process the files, which it seems like sheet cam is the best option. Maybe some of you guys who have completed a set up or are more used to using a plasma can help me out. I’m using a lotos ltp5000d plasma, with pilot arc.

1. Triggering the torch with ramps. I have a solid state relay that I am going to wire into the torch trigger to the ramps board. How do I set up pins to turn on at start of cut, and off at end of cut?

2. How is a pierce delay figured into the program? Will I have manually go enter in a time delay for each start?

3. The relay I have is 3v dc low voltage, 50 amp 120-240v ac. Is this even the correct relay, or does it need to be dc to dc?

4. Is there a program that’s open-source that can do plasma tool paths?

Unfortunately I can barely muddle my way through programming the ramps board, so this is all a learning experience.