Reply To: upgrading to 525



More updates.

I printed all the middle and z parts and successfully swapped them in. They seem really nice and sturdy so I have high hopes. assembly was easy following the directions.

I fell asleep with my phone lastnight and apparently ordered the 660 free same day shipping so it arrived today around 9am much to my confusion. But I had already printed the mount for it just in case and I was gonna have to design a 52mm mount for my spindle so I went with it. Holy crap the difference from a 300w spindle is amazing. it’s considerably more powerful, no extra run out, yes a bit louder but it just sings harmony with the shopvac lol. I expect to see much more precise cuts and likely faster too!

I am lazy and avoiding the roller replacement so instead of that I just zip tied the stepper down to the roller from around the conduit. seems like a solution at best a vast improvement at worst. Also I had to cut my stepper wires on two sides to replace the middle so I am glad I had the mounts with solderless screw downs since it was easy to re assemble.

I still have issues related to stepper stalling and acting up. I will be spliting up the drivers as I said before to give them a break. Though the description for the drivers say there is thermal protection and voltage protection but they should light up a smd led on the drivers. I haven’t seen that but I’m at a loss as to what else to do.