Reply To: My mpcnc project!



What kind of multimeter are you using? the voltages will be lower than 1v hopefully. they usually ship set at .72-1.2v you want to start at around .5-.6 to start off. your x and y will be fine at that setting but you may want to go lower like .42 for the z and start at .4 for an extruder but those are all over the place so that’s where you’ll be dialing in. basically set your mm to the lowest dc setting and put the common lead on ground and test hot by touching the potentiometer screw itself and NOTHING ELSE. adjust the screw slowly until you reach the proper voltage. if your screwdriver handle is metal then get a rag or a glove and don’t touch any metal with your hands because it can throw off the reading… most of us use a small metal screwdriver with the hot lead of the mm touching the shaft, but this can be dangerous with so many parts on the surface of such a tiny pcb. just be careful.