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I agree with both of them. That drooping is the only reason I mirrored the rollers, make sure you put the droop on the same side on both ends of your rails and you should be okay.

But if you are trying to get better prints I think that is mostly a extrusion temp and cooling fan issue. little less temp, more fan. I am a bit obsessive about calibration pieces. I like the bridge pieces and the overhang torture test for this one.

I’m not saying your setting are wrong but mine are different. I have used the same ones forever so mine could be more wrong but seem to work for me. using your numbers, 30 print, 25-28 external, 32-34 bridging. I think that drastic change in bridging speed might have caused the missed lines, unless you are using volumetric extrusion than you might be okay.

So many printing subtleties