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Hi Drew,
I used a 2 flute up cut on the MDF.

Then I used a aerosol acrylic spray to coat the pieces and make them hopefully last longer.

I had to do a bit of extra work to align the rods holding the bed. You might look at having two screws in the part so that it’s fixed in place instead of it being able to rotate around the one screw.

the single steppers get pretty warm currently, so you may need to adjust the settings on your default drivers to be different. the z steppers are cool.

Maybe a couple extra holes near the bottom and on the gantry to hold cable ties for wire routing. I’d have liked another hole down by the ramps board and one on the gantry.

I’d add a power switch and maybe slide the power supply out just a hair to facilitate routing that power switch wire up to the top. alternately, look at putting the power supply an inch higher and the switch at the bottom.

one of the holes for the brass nuts was slightly too large for the screw to get a real bite in it. (maybe just a printing defect). so I had to put a bit of glue in the hole. I believe it was on the motor side piece.

raise the ramps board a half inch. some of the wires are tough to get in where it’s at. granted I mounted the ramps board and then wired it which is not quite optimal.

the aluminum bed has tiny holes (#4) and that makes the nuts tiny as well. with that, the pre-drilled corners in the mdf bed are large enough that you have to use a washer. maybe just make them 1/8″ instead of whatever size they are. i’m pretty sure I marked them right in estlcam…

instead of two holes in the center piece for the bed, use 3. I put it on and took it off 3 times because I had it upside down and backwards and … 3 offset holes would make it truly “one way”. now that I have it put together, it’s clear which way is correct, but it just wasn’t intuitive the first time through.

include instructions for putting the thermistor in the aluminum bed. that took me a while to find.

also, please describe (if you know) how to get PLA to stick to the aluminum bed. it doesn’t stick on the raw bed for me. But, if I put blue tape on it and heat to 50c it works like a charm. but… I have no idea how to get it to stick to the aluminum… it just kind of slid around. I’ll try more once I’ve gotten the display case printed out and something to hold the filament spool…

Publish the “order of assembly”. I did get a few things in the wrong order. Just use the one I posted above if you like. it’s probably good enough to get people going. publish the bottom picture and the other chain hookup pic. my guess is overly complicated.

it was pretty easy to get together in a bit more than an evening…. It’s mostly intuitive (although I may not be a great test case for the general population).

I like it and have recommended it to others..