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I haven’t had time to print out new roller pieces and then compare measurements in the STL to the newly printed parts.

After figuring out that the stutter was caused by the DXF file, then after a few passes along a cut the CNC would just stop moving for a few seconds in the Y direction. I then realized that my Y driver was overheating. I had it set to 0.7 at the time, but dropping it to 0.4 resolved that issue. I was also able to turn my z driver down and now I can touch any stepper even after running for an hour and hold my hand there. Even with the play in the middle assembly I have been milling MDF without any issues for a week now (1/8 and 1/16 endmills). Everything is measuring exactly as it should also after being cut.

Once I get a day to play with it I will print out a new part and report back.