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Martin S

IT’S ALIVE! Here is a quick video:

Chewed wires replaced and build almost finished.

The grey box is to hide the future emergency stop button wiring connection.

The PSU was opened and removed all the non 12v lines. The connector was fixed using two M2 screws.

and this is my dog checking out the mpcnc. She was hungry and came when I was taking the pictures 😀

PSU and Ramps installed. I’m still considering if making a case for the Ramps or not.

The cable chain works fine. But I made a mistake when designing it. I was too focused on making it easy to print and forgot that it needs to rotate just 90º not 180º. When the axis moves more than 40cm it bends too much. It’s going to stay as it is, but I won’t upload it to thingiverse atm.

Still need to buy some bits to really try the mpcnc and watch more Estlcam tutorials.

Right now I’m hacking the router and changing the cables. It looks pretty easy.
Will upload that process later.

PS: Ryan, could you add a preview button before we submit a post? maybe a save draft also? It would be great.