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The nozzle will always ooze when at temp. A leak is usually filament coming out of somewhere it shouln’t, cross your fingers you never see that.

So it could be a few things. The nozzle could be too close on the first layer causing back pressure and the extruder will skip. Your driver could be having thermal shutdown, if it is set too high it will momentarily turn off and start again when it is cooled down, Make sure your driver is set between 0.6V – 0.7V. The third thing could be wrong extruder temp. Or more tension needed on the filament.

Is this your first time 3D printing? Did you use all my setting on the repetier walkthrough page? A few of those wrong could cause it as well. 3D printing is super easy…after you get the first print right, before that a slew of setting to triple check.