Reply To: Messed up



Most of the time, my z works fine, but it seems that an occasional job decides to skip going up when changing paths.

For this run, I attempted to make 2.5mm passes, which may have been too much I admit. Each path had different depths (4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 6.5mm to cut through) so those with the deeper overall cuts likely struggled. This was using a v bit and the first pass was done without much effort, but the second pass along the outer circles were deeper. Thinking about it now, the extra stress may have aided in becoming out of square during the job. I squared it up in the beginning using these Square Check

I made the z axis height to match the 12 inch threaded rod, but my legs were cut shorter. I had cut the conduit for the legs to a length of 6 inches to match the default cutting area in the calculator. Right now, the height is just enough to where I can raise the Z to the max and just be able to swap out end mills and bits comfortably and slip on my dust collector without having to remove the router from the tool holder. I intend to build a more permanent wasteboard platform which will raise my work area another inch or so.

I had done several cuts out of foam as well as a bunch of sharpie posters. Just recently, I’ve been more seeing what I can do with wood materials.