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I’m familiar with the Raspberry Pi and the OctoPrint project. I set it up on my 3D printer ande it is great. But, that’s not my problem. I think my problem is I don’t have the correct selection of software or I don’t know the correct process to use the software I’ve found.

I can make a file but I’m not having luck getting them converted to the g-code milling file needed to run on my mac with Repetier. I’m sure part of this is that I’ve not had the time to work it out and get my process working. it could still be that I haven’t got the right setup. If there are some Mac users out there, I would welcome any input for software and how you use the software to generate the cutting file. I’m imagining some may use SketchUp for the cad, then out to some software and finally maybe into a code generator.

Thank you Walter for the input.