Reply To: My 5' x 5' build



Well got a few things done this weekend. Changed over to the new corners, shorten my Z legs a couple inches(huge difference). Sanded the crap outta my conduits to make then smooth like a babies bottom. Ran a break in program for a few hours. Then drew a few designs (one is attached). Added endstops to X, Y and Z.

I also thought about squaring before each job and it would be a pain in the butt to break out the tape measure every time… So what I did to fix this was I printed 2 extra end stop holders. Homed my axis’ measured the distance away from the corner block on the side with the actual endstop. I then measured the other side and moved it to the exact same position. I then attached the blank endstop holder to prevent this end from going past.

So to square each axis if necessary before each job I click the home X, home Y then disengage the motors and move the far side to touch the blank end stop mount and BOOM square in 2 seconds.