Reply To: X Layer shift


James Donnelly

I am printing with an obscure ramps based 3d printer (Sumpod). I am trying to get to the point where I can print out the parts for the MPCNC.

Not 1.7V, 1.7A. The vrefs are 0.85v, which I understand sets the max current to 1.7A. I could try lowering that a bit, as it could well be thermal cut-out. I am doubtful of this, as there are two good fans on the driver heatsinks. Actually now I remember, I have had them running at 0.75V before and tried an increase. The steppers are running quiet and cool.

The speed changes I mention are all reductions I have made to the Repetier/Slicer defaults. I am using Repetier Firmware and host. I have used Marlin previously but couldn’t iron out the issue with that either.

The steppers are 1.7a nema 17’s (Wantai)