Reply To: X Layer shift



Something isn’t right. If you are running your drivers at .85v, and your steppers are rated at 1.7a (that is very large for a generic printer) the steppers should be very hot at least the x and Y.

The part looks decent, except the end error. Your layers look really thick, nozzle size, layer height? Your print speeds are high even for a well tuned printer. Just for kicks set all print speeds to 30mm/s infill, exterior, moves everything. you should also stick with some small calibration prints. 20-50mm cubes are good, then you can also check stepper calibration.

If you nozzle is a .4 use .26 for a layer height.

If that doesn’t work upload screen shots of your machine and all your settings and probably some gcode as well. You might want to see what value sunpod actually recommends, slow accelerations that you have will cause rounded corners and blobs.