Reply To: X Layer shift


James Donnelly

Sumpod collapsed – they were a bit of a fail. Nice design though. The 19mm MDF frame actually allows some light milling, which is why I think it came with 1.7A steppers. I’ll have to re-check the vref and get back to you. The X and Y steppers are running fairly cool.

The print quality I’m getting is excellent – I have printed the pineapple knob, and many other parts beautifully. The nozzle is 0.4mm and the layer height is 0.3. For reference, the internal diameter of that circle is 15mm.

When I’ve been printing your MPCNC parts (small ones for now) I’ve adopted your layer and infill settings. All kinds of calibration objects are printing fine – cubes, bridges, overhangs, oozebane, etc. The issue shows up when printing large parts – In this case I’m making a new hotend mount, and curiously, that layer shift has happened twice at almost the identical point.

I’ll keep trying to ramp down the speeds – I had already started a new attempt with everything a bit lower, but if that fails I’ll try your speeds.