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Juergen Schilling

Hi Ed,

one thing, I have in mind, is that the Marlin FW need to provide the G-Codes for switching between relative and absolute coordinates… And the G30 must be configured for single probing…
The other thing I’ve seen regarding the plug in is, that it doesn’t seem that the developer spent much time in improving/bug fixing of the plugin over the past two years.
The good news, the plugin comes with C# sources, so, because I’m a software engineer, it might be possible to proceed and enhance the plugin for the need we have… The software it self is under Creative Common licence, so there’s no blockers…
I’m currently limited with my time, so I haven’t had a closer look to it, but once I (hopefully) get finished my MPCNC, I’ll have to have a deeper look on the plug in and set up the development environment and try to recompile the plugin… If this works, I’ll be able to make changes…