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Juergen, That would be great if we can get it to be more user friendly. I’ll have to leave that programming stuff to smart people like yourself as I am just an end user. But I will let you know what issues I have and we have a couple programmers at the makerspace as well that you and I can bounce some ideas off of.

Jason: I did think of that, and it would work for many setups. But with my Tool and Die machinist background I want more.

But tell me, when you pull the usb, do the steppers power down or stay on? Because I may want to tweak my cross arms to be a little more square and then power up so that the steppers hold it in place and I don’t want them to release to set zero.

And, do you have any issues with using Repetier and cnc plugin to do milling? I’m starting to think maybe as I’m writing this that I may be too rigid and just need to alter my process.

Thx for your time helping me out!