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If you are talking about the plugin from the other post, I would just skip it. I am not seeing anything above what repetier already has.

With an lcd screen there is a command for set home offsets. If you re not using the screen and want to use repetier. I would suggest making it a script. the numbers below the manual controls are quick script buttons. With your gcode background it is very easy to set one to reset all axis to 0, or all kinds of things. Pretty sure it is g92 x0 y0 z0, but I am not 100%, but it is something similar to that, You can use the manual controls to quickly get to the exact position you want withing .1mm if you need more you can just type the coordinates into the box at the top and it will move there.

my scripts are set to torture test all axis, torture z axis, laser focusing script, all of which I have posted here and made a video for the laser one.

If you need me to make the scripts let me know I can do it after the shipments go out.