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I am here to try and help you….for free.

I’m sorry if your pissed that you think I recommended that you should buy aluminum. That reply is over a year old the machine has gone through several major revisions since. In those comments we are discussing how to make this work for Australia (different bearings, eccentric washers, bearing sleeves, ect). In those early comments I am clearly saying “might”, and “should” no one had tried it at that point.

When we realized aluminum didn’t work, I made a whole new machine! I made the 25.4mm machine because that was a more common size in Australia, to do that I had to redesign the other two as well so all the tool holders would be compatible. That was a 6 month process.

You already bought your tube, you found a comment that says it works. Try it. It might work for you, everyone uses their machine differently. I can tell you now, a year after that comment and me and several other find aluminum does not work in the long term with the new more rigid design for the accuracy we want. The bearing load is much higher now, the machine is ridiculously more rigid than it was in the beginning (as well as faster to print, less parts, easier to assemble, more square, and universal tool mounts). You have to consider what the machine is being used for, I rarely print with any of mine any more and use them for routing now, my steel rails take a beating and shows signs of wear after 8 months or so of use, my stainless rails don’t show much at all.

I’m doing my best to help you out and really don’t appreciate negative attitudes for a complete system that is available for free. If you bought something from me please feel free to return it for a full refund. I’d prefer to keep the negativity out of the forums here.