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Aze Aze

For example, take the first ‘rough pocket 1’, with his start level 1.55, and then look at the video just this part:
the CNC will mill 2.50mm, then the CNC is going up at the clearance plane to go back under, to mill another 2.50mm.

It’s ok here, because you just need 2 passes to make one pocket, but if you mill a simple small square (area=10mm*10mm, 50mm tall) in a stock part which his +50mm tall (you can just see the simulation in eastlcam for that), you will see the problem of the CNC going 20 times at the clearance plane and it takes the most part of the time. If you mill a circle instead of a square (same area), you don’t need a pocket, you can use the ‘drill’ option, and it will go something like 2min instead of 20min for a square.