Reply To: Laser Tutorial Question



Ok so… my replacement Mega came in WOOT!!! Plugged it all in TTL 5v works great on pin 44. Then I check movement… None of my steppers move other then homing on X axis. Nothing, not even homing on Y or Z… F#$%#$%#$%# resistor is attached to T0. So I connect up my old mega. X,Y and Z move but the end stops are dead, it just grinds away when it hits the end stops. Upon some closer inspection of the ramps board I see a bunch of brown spots in the red mask… Must have fried my ramps too.

I just do not understand how I could have such different operation from 2 different mega boards like that. They are both flashed with the exact same firmware. So new ramps board ordered arriving tomorrow. This better F#$%! work. LOL