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Alright, So I finally had time over lunch break to tweak my drivers and get everything flashed and ready to go. I am able to prepare > move axis and things are happy motors sound good and nothing gets hot. Question I have is how the hell does this work now that endstops are installed. I thought that doing an ‘auto home’ should roll axis to stops and bounce? This obviously did not happen as I just hit ‘auto home’ and it moved x a bit and y a bit and lifted z a bit…

So I thought ok I have to tell it where home is first. So I ‘disabled steppers’ and then moved everything by hand to where I wanted my 0,0,0 to be. I then chose ‘set home default’ or whatever the term is. I then moved my x axis +1mm and then told it to ‘auto home’ thinking it should just roll back -1mm. This was not the case it again lifted and moved both x and y. Is there something simple I am missing? I did use steppers that were purchased for the mpcnc (I thought they were the same specs other than holding torque between your two machines). I placed all the jumpers on my ramps and everything seems happy. I guess I just need a walkthrough on what to do before I try to print. I had planned on using slic3r with the fairly conservative settings to get things going and just throwing the gcode on an sd card and printing via lcd.

I am not discouraged just looking for direction as I am sure it is something simple I am missing… Just not sure where to start. Thanks so much in advance.