Reply To: Planning for Calibration


Jo Lallo

I’ve been running the printer quite a bit lately, and I already know I’m going to have to make a better table for it if I want it to be REALLY accurate, since I believe my cobbled together table has a minor twist in it, but in order to stress test the machine and just to see what sort of quality I can expect from a flawed setup, I’ve been printing replacements for some of the larger MPCNC parts. (Small stuff has been coming out great with the exception of some poorly optimized slicing on my part.)

However, again, in preparation of the “real” build, I was reading around for some common problems. You say in one of the other posts that you do a corner to corner check for square before each usage. Out of curiosity, what do you do if you find that it’s off square. I’m pretty sure I accidentally tweaked it when I was re-running the wires with nifty sleeving, so I suspect a re-squaring will be in order. (A single bearing on the left Y roller and a single bearing on the far X roller seems to have lost contact with the rail.)