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Another question. How tight should the MK8 extruder screw thing be? I fixed my issues with the NO/NC now things home and are happy.. I spent the majority of my break scratching my head why nothing would extrude. Only to find out I had to flip the extruder plug around (it was pushing filament back out instead of into the hot end?!?).. Anyway, after that problem I am able to press filament through and it flows through beautifully. The problem I have now is when I tell it to print from SD card (using gcode generated by slic3r with the given default settings here) it looks as though everything is working properly everything is moving well. I can see the stepper motor on the extruder is spinning the right direction to grab and push filament through but little to nothing comes out. I have never used a direct drive extruder like this before does that screw need to be tightened down on the MK8 itself to ‘push’ against the wheel? I just spun it finger tight.. could this be my problem?
Thanks again and sorry for all the questions just hoping this helps someone else in the future.