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Jay Johnson

Hi Alvin,

So it looks like you may have misunderstood my instructions for moving and adjusting the lens. By the looks of the pictures you have loosened the set screw that holds the copper laser tube in the heatsink with the thermal paste. Your laser is now falling out of the heatsink. This is not good. You need to loosen the set screw on the top of the heatsink and push the copper tube back into the laser heatsink until it is flush with the front of the heatsink. It used to have thermal paste on it, but it looks like it has been removed.

From the last picture it looks like the brass lens holder is pushed all the way into the laser tube. This will not produce a spot that is small enough to burn. There should be about a 1mm to 2mm distance between the silver outer thumb screw ring and the front of the heatsink (or the copper laser tube). I attached a picture showing a properly focused laser on our lab machine.

I may just need to swap out your laser for a new one that is “pre set” for focus for you at 3″. Let me know if this is how you want to proceed or if you think you can get it fixed on yours.

Best Regards,