Reply To: Judder on testprint



Thanks for your quick reply.

I am using all the hardware that is recommended. I did not buy it at your site.
Here we go:
Ramps 1.4, arduino mega combo
Nema 17 steppers.
The recommended drivers
Case with two fans for cooling the drivers
Wiring of steppers done in parallel
Gt2 16t pulles and gt2 belts
Build volume, 900x600x200mm

Im using the advised firmware from your site for the 8mm Treaded rod.

I have build the machine with the updated parts, 25mm conduit (stainless)

I am not using endstops. I didnt change the firmware.

I cant take a picture right now, but will do this very soon.

The testfile runs at speed, other prints do not.

One extra question tho, is it normal that the z-stepper gets pretty hot? The other steppers run very cool.