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Mine was doing great then I left for work came home on lunch and the thing had quit extruding around the 80% mark on the build. Im going to play around with it tomorrow on lunch break (seems I have a funny ‘hobby’schedule.. 4 kids keep me busy after work lol.. So my free time is when they finally turn in for the night or on my lunch breaks) so my projects always take months longer than they should… Yet projects I do for the wife get done that evening… Imagine that.

Even with my struggles I’m still loving this thing Ryan and know I’ll get it dialed in soon!

Can not thank you enough for all your friendly support as well as others here. That’s honestly what keeps me around. You got a good bunch around here! Keep up the good work all!!

Here you can see it stopped extruding before completion… Now I tried to start to print again and had under extrusion issues again. It’s my first time working with a direct drive filament feed (coming from an xyz da vinci jr, pro 1.0, diy delta & monoprice select mini – all Bowden tube fed). Not sure if that’s my issue or what but I have 4 mk8s here as I’m building 3 other machines for friends at work so I’ll sort it out lol.