Reply To: Aluminium…HELP PLEASE



I am also playing with routing some aluminum. The picture attached is some that I have done successfully. These are my settings (sorry they are in imperial) Material Thickness: .063 inches; Depth of Cut: .010 inches; Feed: 13 inches/minute; Plunge: 8 inches/minute. I have recently cut my corner rails down to where there is only about .375 in. of space between the printed parts. I am using the Dewalt D660 router and I slow it down to about half. The RPM that is advertised for the router is 32,000 RPM. I am using a 1/8 inch diameter cutter with 4 flutes. This cutter was quite expensive $10 and it is also carbide. So far so good but I think I could raise the material a little bit higher and closer to the gantry and cut down on some of the little bit of chatter that i still have. One thing for sure is make sure your bit is able to plunge. Some bits are not made to plunge.
Let me know if I can offer any other advice.